Audit & assurance

As members of Baker Tilly International, we deliver high quality audit services and adhere to the highest standards of independence and ethics.

As a result of our extensive experience, we have developed a work methodology whose key features are teamwork and the intensive use of new technologies. Our approach focuses on gaining a thorough understanding of each of our clients’ businesses, identifying prioritizing key risk areas.

According to the Audit Law, an audit is an independent examination of the financial statements or consolidated financial statements, in which the auditor should express an opinion on the verity and objectivity of the financial statements, as well as the compliance with the accepted reporting framework.

Who can perform audit?

According to the Audit Law, in the Republic of Macedonia an audit, performs an audit company which possesses an audit license and it is founded as trading company or as sole proprietor, according to the terms from the Audit Law and the Companies Law.

Which companies are obligated for auditing financial statements?

According to 478 article of the Companies Law, the following entrepreneurs should be subject to auditing: Large and medium joint stock companies, listed companies and large and medium limited liability companies.

Also, the statutory audit is mentioned in some other articles from the Companies Law:

  • Audit of consolidated financial statements
  • Special audit at the request of the partners
  • Audit when new joint stock company is founded
  • Audit of the limited liability companies, when their equity is increased above the safety fund (reserves)
  • Audit of the joint stock companies, when their equity is increased with the company assets
  • Audit of the separation agreement and plan of the companies

Other assurance services

According to the customer’s needs and requirements, Baker Tilly Joanidis offers other assurance services such as:

  • Engagements in financial report’s control
  • Assurance engagements
  • Engagements in performing conventional procedures